Monday, July 25, 2011

Endeavour Countdown (-up), bSol 2666

0.65km (95.5%)

The drive on sol 2664 was about 148 meters in length, giving us some spectacular new images, like this Pancam mosaic:

Figure 1: Pure, unadulterated awesome.

That small crater to the left (below the inset) has been named Chikyu Crater. The drive that we sequenced today for sol 2667 will give us another 100 meters or so, shooting us past Chikyu and placing us (hopefully) on some outcrop. The science team has expressed the desire to perhaps get some IDD work in on this outcrop, since it's some of the last we'll ever see in Meridiani.

As we approach, most of Cape York will be to the rover's right (image left -- remember, she's driving backwards!). Sol 2667's Navcam imaging will include a complete 360 to see what we can nab along the way.

In other news: This poor TAP/SIE hurt his ankle. Everyone give him sympathy. Now.