Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SOWG Chair Quote of the… forever

This morning at SOWG, someone requested a Pancam 13F of a target near Opportunity's current position at Chester Lake. It originally was a minimal-filter picture, but we had bits to spare tosol. After mentioning the 13F, someone said that, hell, why not make it a 15-filter? A 16-filter? Keep on bumping it up! (Though those extra filters won't do any good, seeing as though there are only 13 anyways. It's a joke. Get it? Get it? Get it?)

"Yeah, keep bumping it up. Turn it up to 11," said our SOWG chair. It was really sneaky the way she snuck it in there — under the radar so nobody really noticed. 

This plucked my heart strings, and I had to make tosol's album of the day "This Is Spinal Tap." 

The sustain, just listen to it.


Ironically, we're currently integrating away with the Mossbauer, which can't do anything at 11. It's more like a faint 0.2.


(More posts coming, I swear!)

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Anonymous said...

Umm, no, there are 16. 8 on each Pancam filter wheel. 3 are not useful for either spectroscopy or stereo, although they are quite commonly used.