Sunday, November 6, 2011

I know geeks

Quickly! A sidebar!

I graduated with her at CU, working with her on both our senior design and graduate degree programs. She decided to take what's known as the "icky ew nasty" route of aerospace engineering, that of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. I mean, fluids are cool and all, but if they're not loaded with caffeine and being injected into my bloodstream by the unfortunately roundabout way of having to drink them (god forbid) first, then you've lost me.

Anyways, go read! She listens to vinyl! She uses phrases like "create an incubator for portable, cheap, and effective educational programs"! She is a supporter of the Oxford Comma! She digs science! Her boyfriend is a math major! Her dog can do backflips and triple integrals*!


*Not yet tested in clinical trials.

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