Monday, August 1, 2011

Crumpler Countdown (-up), bSol 2673

0.3 km (98.5%)

The 69-point-something meter drive on sol 2671 (recent to 2673, since we didn't move on 2672 or 2673), which we all seem to be aware of, has placed us within 0.3 kilometers.

In the queue for bSol 2574: 120 more meters. Looking forward at the limitations placed on us with the afternoon relays and uplink/handover times, we'll have drives about the same size on sols 2576 and 2578 (planned Wednesday and Friday, respectively). This will, essentially, put us… there.

In actuality, we'll probably pull short on Friday and take a couple drives to really approach a nice spot. But starting about Wednesday, the views will be spectacular. To keep you lions at bay, here's some fresh meat -- a Pancam of Cape Trib and a sloppy Navcam mosaic of Cape York:

Back on the train.

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Ryan said...

Excellent! Can't wait for those awesome views!