Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crumpler Countdown (-up), bSol 2674

I'm a few sols late, but what the hell...

Crumpler Countdown (-up), bSol 2673

250 *meters* (98.7%)

120 meters on the dot on sol 2674. (Ironically, our long-distance "blind" drives are the ones whose distance we can predict with the most accuracy, as opposed to "blind+AutoNav.")

In the queue for sol 2676 is another 120 meters. This will put us within spitting distance -- or one long-distance drive -- away from Spirit Point. We likely will not be doing that, but rather carefully navigating inward. We're taking our foot off the pedal a bit. It's time to get back into the science collection mindset.

From this post-drive Pancam, Matt Golombek thinks those subtle bumps to the right on the near horizon are something close to Spirit Point.

I'm working on a "Day In the Life" for sols 2676-7, an interesting planning day from my perspective, but let's let the pre-launch-everybody-have-a-panic-attack fever pitch for Juno settle down a bit.