Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paolo 2, Matt 0

Paolo has, so far, hit my hanging curveballs right out of the park. Twice. Two times. He can't help it if I lob it right over the plate for him:

Incident 1: 26 July 2011

Upon seeing me enter the IST room with crutches and watching everyone else give me sympathy, Paolo states the following: "So… one might say you failed a slip check?"

Paolo 1, Matt 0. Also, touché. Also, funny.

Incident 2: 10 August 2011
Upon my asking if anyone had a pocket knife to fix the loose screws in my glasses, Paolo states the following: "So… one might say the TAP/SIE has a few loose screws?"

Paolo 2, Matt 0.

Live to fight another day, Matt.
Which brings me to today's lessons:

1) Paolo is quick on his feet.
2) Paolo is smarter than Matt.

You can tell by that clever smile of his when he cracks these kinds of comments. He must know that I'm a sucker for cheap jokes, because I always laugh at his.

Which brings me to today's TAP/SIE Album of the day: 

Which brings me to today's planning summary for sols 2683 and 2854:

1) 25-meter bump to the Odyssey Crater. I smell a boulder field and images of a fresh crater. Executing... tomorrow? Afternoon? Evening? I've lost my sense of time. Need another cup of coffee.
2) Light remote sensing. We're preserving flash volume for the oodles of full-res Pancam images and IDD work that we'll we doing in the upcoming weeks.
3) My ankle still hurts.

#3 is the important one.


Today's featured picture, from Stu: (false color, but sweet as hell)

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